New version of the Nest-model – Baltic Nest InstituteInterface of the Nest Decision Support System

Published: 2011-08-31
New version of the Nest-model
A new version of the Nest-model is available, providing access to the distributed marine databases, interface to the BALTSEM marine model and access to the catchment data.
The Nest Decision Support System was developed within the Mistra-financed MARE-project , an eight-year research program, running between 1999-2006, consisting of 30 scientist from around the Baltic Sea. The aim of the model is to understand the biogeochemical cycles of organic matter and nutrients in the Baltic Sea and how they are altered in relation to eutrophication. This is accomplished by using data on nutrient loading from land and air, modeling the internal processes such as denitrification, nitrogen fixation and phosphorous release, as well as flows of nutrients between sub-basins.
The model is available on line, free of charge and can be run in both an expert mode and a manager mode. This dual modality is aimed at both researchers and managers. The goal is that the model is used as a tool in management, but at the same time, underlying assumption and model parameters are presented in a transparent way for scientists to evaluate