Coherent policies and governance of the Baltic Sea Ecosystems

Berit Hasler, Aarhus University, Denmark

Total budget:
EUR 2 million

3 years;

Go4Baltic aims to provide advice for optimal choices of aquatic, agricultural and climate policy mixes, policy designs and implementation. The project addresses both existing and future agricultural, aquatic-and climate policies to safeguard the Baltic Sea environment.

The focus is on analysis and modelling of environmental and agricultural policy instrument choices, and analyses coherence, performance and conflicts between policies across different scales.

The project therefore applies spatial and interdisciplinary analysis and modelling of the coherence and conflicts of policy mixes across the whole Baltic Sea area. The analyses are performed in different case study areas to ensure sufficient depth and detail, and by Baltic wide models to ensure usability for advice across the whole Baltic region.

The relevance of the project results is provided by solid scientific and interdisciplinary analyses and model results, which can support the political decisions on management measures, such as the Baltic Sea Action Plan, and the integration of this international plan with national implementation of the WFD and the CAP.

The results of the project will support the implementation of these policies and plans by summarizing the results in a "Socioeconomic Baltic sea Action plan", with respect to cost-effective solutions to reduce eutrophication, which still is one of the major environmental challenges in the Baltic Sea.

Information about Go4Baltic and the 2015 BONUS projects can also be found on the BONUS website.

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