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Baltic Viz - Baltic Visualization
Together with University of British Columbia Fisheries Centre, Baltic Nest Institute researchers have developed an animated environmental interpretation tool, aimed at increasing the public understanding of the Baltic Sea.

The animation is using existing nutrient and food web models developed at the Baltic Nest Institute to describe historical trends in the Baltic Sea. The animation also illustrates potential future results of different nutrient mitigation and fisheries management options, based on scenarios developed in the FORMAS funded Regime Shifts project, led by the Baltic Nest Institute.

Baltic Viz will be able to show:

  • The changes in the food chain over time and their effects on the ecosystem.
  • Impact of the concentration of nutrients on the sea, e.g. consequences of eutrophication.
  • History of eutrophication and its effects 1900-2010.
  • Scenarios and actions for change, e.g. changes in levels of fishery for different fish species.

Here you can download a short powerpoint presentation of Baltic Viz.Powerpoint (powerpoint, 69.4 MB) An extended version, including a voice over, will be available shortly.

Visualization development
The ambition is to further develop the animation, from an environmental interpretation tool, into active decision support systems that can engage stakeholders in dialogue about potential trade-offs between ecosystem services.

Forum Östersjön
The animation, which also describes basic ecological interactions and the relationships between drivers of change and ecological dynamics, was launched at the annual meeting of the advisory committee for “Forum Östersjön", a network of organizations with an interest in the Baltic Sea. Forum Östersjön runs an environmental interpretation centre on the island of Gotland in the Baltic Sea, where the animation will form a permanent part of their exhibition.

The animation is funded by Mistra, The Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, which also funded the research programme MARE - MArine Research on Eutrophication - a scientific base for cost-effective measures for the Baltic Sea.

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