Towards an integrated thematic assessment of eutrophication in the Baltic Sea
Project description:
The EUTRO-PRO project aims at producing the HELCOM integrated thematic assessment including status and long-term trends in status and inputs of nutrients to the various sub-basins of the Baltic Sea.

The assessment will link sources, inputs, and concentrations of nutrients to the primary and secondary effects in the marine environment. Furthermore, estimates of nutrient load reductions needed to achieve the agreed specific targets for good ecological status will be made.

Consequently, a close co-operation with the PLC-air and PLC-water is also emphasized. The assessment will apply a common, harmonized approach in assessing eutrophication. In addition, the assessment should be in accordance with the WFD and relevant guidelines under the CIS process

Expected results
The objectives of the integrated thematic assessment of eutrophication are to synthesize all available information in order to:

  • Assess the eutrophication status in the whole Baltic Sea on the basis of a harmonized approach, e.g. the Eutrophication Guidance under the horizontal Eutrophication Activity and the European Marine Strategy.
  • Visualize and conceptualize the effects and extent of eutrophication in the Baltic Sea, e.g. by photos of eutrophication effects and by simple conceptual models illustration the linkages between effect, nutrients concentrations, inputs and root causes.
  • Describe the causes of eutrophication and quantify the inputs of nutrients to the marine environment, including the transports between the different basins of the Baltic Sea.

Assess the effectiveness of already taken measures in order to indicate to what extent the goals are fulfilled or not, and to what extent supplementary measures are required.


Mr. Jesper H. Andersen
Project Manager

Ms. Maria Laamanen
Professional Secretary

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