Best Practices Project
NEWS! 12 May 2009
The results and conclusions from the in depth study of worldwide fisheries management are now available in the report "Best practices" for fisheries management.PDF (pdf, 1.4 MB)

The results from the project presented at the Brussel held conference "ACHIEVING SUSTAINABLE FISHERIES — learning from best practice in fisheries management"

Best Practices Project
Baltic Nest Institute is, together with Baltic Sea 2020 and the Institute for European Environmental Policy, carrying out a project aiming to view best practices of fisheries management.

The current fisheries management has failed to deliver on its social, economic and environmental goals under the existing European Common Fisheries Policy (CFP). A clear example of this is the Baltic Sea fisheries, regulated under the CFP, which hinders initiatives on a national or regional level aiming to improve the current, unsustainable, situation.

This project gathers internationally recognized scientist from natural, economic and social sciences to investigate known examples of successful management, trying to find potential solutions to the ongoing fisheries crises. Based on the scientific review, in depth analysis of case studies will be undertaken in order to elaborate management and policy recommendations that could potentially be applied to Baltic Sea fisheries and the revision of the CFP.

The revision of the Common Fisheries Policy, initiated in the spring 2009, present an opportunity to generate change in European management, hopefully enabling changes toward a more sustainable Baltic Sea fishery. Therefore the project aims to present measures that could be considered by the EU Member States when elaborating the Green Book on reforming European fisheries.

Project description:
Best Practice of Fisheries ManagementPDF (pdf, 221.1 kB)

More information about the project can be found here:

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