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Completed projects

Baltic Nest Institute has been involved in various international projects. For each project, you can read more by clicking on the project name.

The eight-year (1999—2006) research programme MARE, funded by the Swedish Foundation for Strategic Environmental Research, MISTRA, was aimed at decision-makers working on Baltic Sea environmental issues. In the programme, a user-friendly decision support system (Baltic Nest) was developed. It demonstrated what could be a cost-effective distribution of the measures needed in order to achieve a desired environmental quality in the Baltic Sea. By changing various parameters in the system, the user can create different scenarios of possible options in different parts of the Baltic Sea region.

When MARE ended in 2006, the Baltic Nest support system, continued to be maintained and developed within the Baltic Nest Institute (BNI), established in Sweden and Denmark. The research alliance was joined by Finland in 2011.

Read more about our history and organization here.


EUR-OCEANS - EURopean research on OCean Ecosystems under Anthropogenic and Natural forcingS.

KNOWNSEAS - Knowledge-based Sustainable Management for Europe's Seas

WISER - Water bodies in Europe: Integrative Systems to assess Ecological status and Recovery

CHARM - Characterisation of the Baltic Sea Ecosystem: Dynamics and Function of Coastal Types

CREAM - Center for REsearch And Monitoring of the Marine Environment


AMBER- Assessment and Modelling Baltic Ecosystem Response

Baltic-C- Building predictive capability regarding the Baltic Sea organic/inorganic carbon and oxygen systems

ECOSUPPORT- Advanced modeling tool for scenarios of the Baltic Sea ecosystem to support decision making

HYPER - HYPoxia mitigation for Baltic Sea Ecosystem Restoration

RECOCA - Reduction of Baltic Sea Nutrient Inputs and Cost Allocation within the Baltic Sea Catchment


EUTRO-PRO - Towards an integrated thematic assessment of eutrophication in the Baltic Sea

Projects funded by other financiers:

BalticSTERN - Systems Tools and Ecological-economic evaluation - a Research Network

Regime Shifts in the Baltic Sea Ecosystem

BEAM - Baltic Ecosystem Adaptive Management

Best Practice Project

BalticViz - Baltic Visualization

IMAGE - Integrated management of agriculture, fishery, environment and economy

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