Published: 2016-06-20

HELCOM honored Fredrik Wulff

The 50th HELCOM Head of Delegation meeting was opened with a session honoring late Prof. Fredrik Wulff.

In honor of the passing of Prof. Fredrik Wulff, the 50th HELCOM Head of Delegation (HOD) meeting, held June 15 2016 in Laulasmaa Estonia, was opened with a session on his lifetime achievements.

Speeches honoring Fredrik Wulff

The session featured speeched by Harry Liiv (chair of HELCOM), Monika Stankiewicz (HELCOM Executive Secretary) and Anders Alm (Head of Delegation, Sweden).

Contributing to the BSAP

Fredrik Wulffs´ passion and invaluable contribution to bring science to policy, and his fundamental contributions to the revolutionary nutrient reduction scheme of the Baltic Sea Action Plan, was summarized in a presentation by Bo Gustafsson (Director of BNI Sweden).

Download the presentation "Linking scientific knowledge with environmental management - The contribution of Fred Wulff (1942 - 2016) here.PDF (pdf, 3.2 MB)

Link to the HELCOM HOD-meeting documents

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