Published: 2017-03-23

HELCOM - BONUS BalticAPP regional workshop

Bo Gustafsson, BNI Sweden, is hosting the HELCOM - BONUS BALTICAPP regional workshop, held 29-30 March in Stockholm, on the use of ecological–economic research to support and improve marine policy implementation in the Baltic Sea region. 

Building capacity for improving policy and management

The aim of this regional workshop is to build understanding regarding ongoing ecologic-economic research and how it can support and improve marine policy implementation and integrated management.

Furthermore we aim to identify existing gaps and priorities for future social and economic research in order to reach policy objectives, such as e.g. HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan, EU Marine Strategy Framework Directive and EU Maritime Spatial Planning Directive. 

The workshop will also elaborate on how regional economic and social analyses, and results and tools provided by BONUS research and innovation projects can contribute to marine management and policy-making.

Transdisciplinary team of experts

The workshops gathers experts, policy-makers and managers responsible for environmental protection, marine and maritime spatial planning, climate adaption and different economic sectors impacting or dependent on marine ecosystem services.

A jointly developed document, prioritising future ecological-economic research needs answering to the operational, medium term and long term policy needs, is expected as one of the main outcomes of the workshop. 

Methods and analysis

The workshop focuses on future scenarios, marine modeling, use of marine waters, cost of degradation, ecosystem service values and cost-benefit analysis, and emphasizes on the interface between science, policy and management. 

Participants will have the opportunity to find out the latest research results in these fields, contribute to identifying relevant links to various policies and discuss future development needs to serve policy implementation in the best possible way. 

The workshop covers following themes: scenarios and projections for the future, marine ecosystem services and benefits, marine spatial planning and policy implementation and integration. Presented in this background document are fact sheets linked to presentation topics under each theme in order for participants to prepare in the best possible way before the workshop.  

More information:

Download the program herePDF (pdf, 424.5 kB) and read more on our project site.

Venue: Svante Arrhenius väg 14, Stockholm University campus, Stockholm, Sweden 

Moderator: Gun Rudquist (Baltic Sea Centre, Stockholm University)  

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