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Published: 2011-10-24
ECOSUPPORT and RECOCA Stakeholder conference
The BONUS projects ECOSUPPORT and RECOCA invites scientists and stakeholders to a conference on "An outlook to the future Baltic Sea: how can we reach the targets of the Baltic Sea Action Plan?"
If we want to move towards a future Baltic Sea without eutrophication we must take actions to reduce nutrient loads. Climate change will come in as a player and will impact the Baltic Sea environment in various ways, e.g. enhance eutrophication.

The BONUS projects ECOSUPPORT and RECOCA will here present and discuss the outcomes of their 3-year research projects. Scenarios of different nutrient load management on sea and land, in present and future climate have been assessed in order to provide scientific background for ecosystem-based management. The conference will be an opportunity for scientists and stakeholders to discuss and evaluate the recent developments and insights and identify areas of uncertainties and needs of further investigation.

An outlook to the future Baltic Sea: how can we reach the targets of the Baltic Sea Action Plan?
Download agenda and informationPDF (pdf, 666.7 kB)


  • Baltic Nest Institute
  • SMHI - Swedish Meteorological and Hydrological Institute
  • ECOSUPPORT - Advanced modeling tool for scenarios of the Baltic Sea ECOsystem to SUPPORT decision making.
  • RECOCA - Reduction of Baltic Sea Nutrient Inputs and Cost Allocation within the Baltic Sea Catchment

Venue and registration
Time: Wednesday 7 December 2011 12.00-17.00, including lunch.
Location: “Geohuset”, Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

Registration: Before 23 November to: Johanna Yletyinen
Cost: Free of charge

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