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Published: 2011-09-09
Christoph Humborg to present BNI research for Swedish Crown Princess Victoria
The seminar "Hållbara Hav 2011 - Östersjön" will provide Crown Princess Victoria with an update on the latest research on the Baltic Sea and its environmental state, including research carried out by the Baltic Nest Institute.
In the presence of Her Royal Highness Crown Princess Victoria a new collaboration called Sustainable Seas (Hållbara Hav in Swedish) is launched. Sustainable Seas is a collaboration between the ship Briggen Tre Kronor, WWF, Baltic Sea 2020, Baltic Sea Action Group, Stockholm University, Wärtsilä and Cargotec. The collaboration gathers industry, researchers and organizations with the aim to jointly promote sustainable solutions for the Baltic Sea.

Read more about the seminar and download the programme.PDF (pdf, 134.1 kB)

Current research presented
Stockholm University's leading scientists, including Professor Christoph Humborg of the Baltic Nest Institute, present the latest research on the current environmental situation in the Baltic Sea. You can listen to his presentation (18 minutes long) here.

In addition, participating companies and organizations will present their involvement in actions and activities to improve the Baltic Sea environment.

Royal Godmother
The Crown Princess Victoria, who is the Godmother of the famous ship Briggen Tre Kronor is very engaged and interested in questions regarding the future state of the Baltic Sea, attends both the seminar and the subsequent lunch.

After the seminar and lunch, Briggen Tre Kronor will start her tour, first setting sail toward Mariehamn and reaching Åbo on September 19.

Kolskjulet/ Kastellholmen in Stockholm
Monday 12 September, 09.00 - 12.30.

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