Published: 2014-01-17

BNI contributes to Special issue of AMBIO: BONUS+ in Support of the Ecosystem Approach to Management in the Baltic Sea

BNI researchers from BNI Sweden, Denmark and Finland contribute with several articles in a new special issue of AMBIO, which provides a synopsis of the results from the projects in the BONUS+ programme 2009-2011.

The Baltic Nest Institute has been one of many research institutes performing state of the art, policy driven and multidisciplinary research during the BONUS+ programme 2009-2011.

The BONUS-projects have addressed environmental challenges in the Baltic Sea as defined by the Baltic Sea Action Plan, or considered the environmental governance and decision making within the Baltic Sea context in general.

Eutrophication, biodiversity, hazardous substances, maritime activities, and the environment governance have been addressed, as have crosscutting issues, such as the impact of climate change, maritime spatial planning and impacts of future development on ecosystem services.

Significant BNI contribution

BNI researchers from BNI have contributed to 4 of the 10 articles published in the special issue of AMBIO "BONUS+ in Support of the Ecosystem Approach to Management in the Baltic Sea", available January 13:

Reduction of Baltic Sea Nutrient Inputs and Allocation of Abatement Costs Within the Baltic Sea Catchment 

Hypoxia in the Baltic Sea: Biogeochemical Cycles, Benthic Fauna, and Management

Ensemble Modeling of the Baltic Sea Ecosystem to Provide Scenarios for Management

Biogeochemical Control of the Coupled CO2–O2 System of the Baltic Sea: A Review of the Results of Baltic-C

These and all the articles in the open access special issue of AMBIO (Volume 43. Issue 1 February) are now available online. Hard copies will be available in February 2014.

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