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Published: 2016-11-09

Baltic Nest Presented at EUSBSR, the 7th Strategy Forum for the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region - Vision 2030

Yesterday, Bo Gustafsson presented our research and contributions to the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan during the HELCOM session: ‘This is what we need to do for a cleaner sea.’ Sectors have their say

Are the regional Save the Sea targets to reduce pollution realistic and widely accepted? What advice can the economic sectors give regarding creating effective marine policies in the future? Is the burden of environmental protection fairly shared and who can judge on that?

The Baltic Sea marine area and its healthy status is essential to the regional economy. In a vision for the future of the region, options for sustainable development should be explored and discussed, as any insensible use of the sea will threaten the very basis on which our welfare and prosperity depends.

Dialogue with and among economic and other sectors is thus fundamental to address the challenges to restore the good environmental status of the sea by 2021, as agreed in the HELCOM Baltic Sea Action Plan and in the EUSBSR.

Read more about the event at the 7th EUSBSR web page

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