The 11th Baltic Sea Science Congress
“Living along gradients: past, present, future”


2017-06-12 - 2017-06-16

Location: Rostock, Germany

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The biennial Baltic Sea Science Congress (BSSC) was established 20 years ago, joining the research communities of Baltic Marine Biologists, Baltic Marine Geologists and the Conference of Baltic Oceanographers.

BSSC is the main international forum addressing a broad interdisciplinary spectrum of Baltic Sea research. The congress invites marine scientists focused on research questions related to the Baltic Sea or similar coastal sea systems to share their results on this international and interdisciplinary platform.

BNI presenting our research

Several researchers from Baltic Nest Institute will present their research;

Oleg Savchuk: "Myths of the Baltic Sea eutrophication", read more here.

Erik Gustafsson: "Key processes in the coupled carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus cycling of the Baltic Sea".

Bärbel Müller-Karulis: "Including bacterial DOC uptake into a biogeochemical model of the Baltic Sea".

Jacob Carstensen:

"Efficiency of the coastal filter: nitrogen and phosphorus removal in the Baltic Sea" (plenary presentation)

"Long-term and seasonal trends in coastal carbonate systems"

"Phytoplankton diversity in Danish estuaries" (poster)

"Natural phytoplankton communities as a source for dissolved organic matter and implications for carbon cycling in Roskilde Fjord, Denmark" (poster)

Carstensen is also participating in a panel for the BSSC event “Science meets Policy” that BONUS arranges during the BSSC.

Registration is now opened and the early registration closes 31 March 2017.

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