Seminar "Eutrophication and Agriculture: State of play"
2012-10-25 - 2012-10-25
Copenhagen, Denmark


Programme Joint EUSBRS and HELCOM seminarPDF (pdf, 125.1 kB)

This seminar, Eutrophication and Agriculture: State of play, is co-organized by the HELCOM Agriculture and Environment Forum and Priority Areas 1 and 9 of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region (EU SBSR): Priority Area NUTRI (reducing nutrient inputs to the sea) and Priority Area AGRI (sustainable agriculture, forestry and fisheries).

The seminar will focus on the possibilities of the EU Strategy for the Baltic Sea Region to help the agriculture sector reduce the discharge of nutrients into the Baltic Sea.    

BNI presentation on eutrophication status of the Baltic        
Bo Gustafsson, BNI Sweden, is invited to present state of the art knowledge on eutrophication and will give a presentation on "Eutrophication in the Baltic Sea. What is the present status in terms of combatting eutrophication, and how far have we come with the actions taken?".

Back to back with bigger conference
This seminar is held back-to-back with the bigger conference 'A greener agriculture for a bluer Baltic Sea' co-organized by BalticCOMPASS, Baltic Deal and Baltic Manure.

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