HELCOM Workshop on MAI-CART assessment methodologies


2017-03-06 - 2017-03-07

Location: Stockholm University, Stockholm, Sweden

Links: HELCOM Meeting Portal


The first HELCOM MAI-CART Workshop 2017 was hosted by Bo Gustafsson and Baltic Nest Institute Sweden and held at the Stockholm University 6-7 March.

Convened by Lars Sonesten, Chair of HELCOM Pressure Group, the workshop focused on methodologies to assess the implementation of the HELCOM nutrient reduction scheme (MAI/CART assessment).


During the first day we focused on technical and scientific issues related to compiling, quality assuring and assessing data on water and airborne inputs of nitrogen and phosphorus. The second day was devoted to the discussion on issues related to the CART follow-up assessment, including assessment methods to evaluate progress in fulfilling CART and an overall content of the policy message on the CART follow-up assessment. 


A provisional agenda can be downloaded herePDF (pdf, 135.7 kB), and outcome of the workshop are available herePDF (pdf, 224.5 kB).

If you wish to know more, please contact Mr Sonesten or Bo Gustafsson, Director of BNI Sweden.

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