CERF2013: 22nd Biennial conference of the coastal and estuarine research federation


2013-11-03 - 2013-11-07

Location: San Deigo, USA

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The 22nd biennial conference of the Coastal and Estuarine Research Federation (CERF) will be held in Dan Diego 3-7 November, with the theme "Toward resilient coasts and estuaries, science for sustainable solutions"

The CERF 2013 conference provides a forum to share the best science, across multiple disciplines in an effort to advance theunderstanding and wise stewardship of global coastal and estuarine environments.

The conference will have four "internal symposia"

BNI Contribution

  • Jacob Carstensen will present "The phytoplankton composition across the
    world’s coastal ecosystems
    "; a desciptive analysis covering 85 different coastal ecosystems, 40 of which are from the Baltic Sea.

  • Dennis Swaney will give a special session in under the theme Managing nutrients in a changing world on "Nutrient Fluxes and Nutrient Accounting in Coastal Catchments and Water Bodies: Methods and Applications", also discussing potential management implications.

BNI research will also be presented in other presentations, including research by Alf Norkko and Timo Tamminen.

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