BONUS Forum 2011
2011-10-24 - 2011-10-24
Gdansk, Poland


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BONUS Forum 2011 is convened on 24 October in Gdansk, Poland and shares a mutual stakeholder platform with the EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy and Baltic Development Forum conference taking place in Gdansk on 24-26 October 2011.

The BONUS Forum will showcase the latest knowledge produced by the BONUS+ projects that are ending in 2011.

During the panel sessions, the 16 BONUS+ project coordinators will share results on themes related to multiple risks and stressors, past and future scenarios of the Baltic Sea, eutrophication and biodiversity.

What are the aims:
The BONUS Forum 2011 aims to encourage and ensure that the links between the BONUS+ results and important policy processes across the region are transparent. Moreover, that the knowledge generated is used appropriately in the valuable work across different sectors in efforts to ensure a better future of the Baltic Sea region.

Who should attend:
Representatives of ministries across sectoral borders of the nine Baltic Sea countries — environment, transport, agriculture, forestry and science — who are dealing with marine and maritime issues.
Participants will have an opportunity to:

  • access to the latest information and research related to the Baltic Sea region
  • gain a good insight to the 16 individual BONUS+ projects through presentations, posters and briefings
  • discuss strategic and practical implications and possibilities as key end-users of the new knowledge
  • share ideas and practice with a network of colleagues from the nine Baltic Sea countries
  • obtain information about the new, competitive BONUS calls; the first call will open in December 2011
  • attend a wine reception where the award for the best BONUS+ public engagement activity will be announced

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