Baltic Sea food-web dynamics and response to environmental change
2011-09-26 - 2011-09-26
Frescati Backe, room FB 127, Stockholm University, Sweden

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AbstractPDF (pdf, 67.6 kB)
Licentiate ThesisPDF (pdf, 17.7 MB)

PhD licenciate with BNI student Susa Niiranen.

Susa´s PhD focuses on the Baltic Sea food web dynamics and their response to changes in environmental and anthropogenic forcing.

In this licentiate thesis a new Baltic Sea Ecopath with Ecosim food web model for the open Baltic Proper (BaltProWeb) is introduced as a tool to study the past (1974-2006) food web dynamics and the sensitivity of this model to data uncertainties is analyzed.

Her research is carried out within the framework of the Baltic BONUS-project ECOSUPPORT (Advanced modeling tool for scenarios of the Baltic Sea ecosystem to support decision making).

Above you can download the abstract as well as the full thesis to read more about the studies conducted.

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