2014-05-13 - 2014-05-14
The HENVI Science Days aim to present current interesting topics about the old and new challenges of the Baltic Sea, enhance the science-policy interface and support dialogue between science and society. It is held in close collaboration with HENVI research program  Multidom: multidisciplinary assessment of the role of DOM in the environmental status of the Baltic Sea , as well as  The Baltic Sea Challenge  through which the cities of Helsinki and Turku aim to improve the state of the Baltic Sea. BNI Contribution The event will gather researchers, students, municipal authorities, politicians and representatives of the business sector.  Christoph Humborg , BNI Sweden, is invited to give a plenary presentation on "Managing multiple stressors in the Baltic Sea - an integrated approach " during the Science Days first day, which aims to look at the past and the future challenges of the Baltic Sea and to exchange insights, ideas and expertise. Baltic Sea focus throughout the week In addition to the Science Days, there will be thematic program about the Baltic at the  Helsinki University Think Corner ; a programme to see, hear about and experience the Universities research and teaching. There's also possibilities to see the Baltic Sea Plastique  installation, which sets out to explore the complexity and controversial nature of the environmental threat caused by plastic waste. How to register The HENVI Science Days is held 13-14 May and is free of charge and open to all who are interested in learning more. Registration is open until 6 May and can be accessed here.
2014-05-09 - 2014-05-09
COCOA , the BONUS-project on nutrient cocktails in the coastal zone of the Baltic Sea, held a meeting for its WP 1 " Nutrient inputs and exchanges with the open sea " on 9 May at the SU Baltic Sea Centre. The meeting gathered researchers within WP 1 to discuss how to find suitable levels of clustering the available (historical) data to be used in COCOA.
2014-05-09 - 2014-05-09
Östersjöfonden grundades 1989 för att främja och stöda forskning samt annan verksamhet som rör skyddet av Östersjöns miljö. Under sina 25 år har Östersjöfonden uppmärksammat och belönat dem som gått längst fram i ledet och på olika sätt kämpat för ett renare hav. BNI:s Fredrik Wulff en av pristagarna Östersjöfonden har delat ut pris till personer och organisationer för betydelsefulla och framstående insatser för Östersjöns miljö sedan 1990. Redan 1998 tilldelades BNI's grundare Fredrik Wulff priset med motiveringen "...som den sedan många år ledande inom ekosystemforskningen i Östersjöområdet. Han medverkar i internationellt forskningssamarbete för Östersjön och bistår forskare i bland annat de baltiska länderna." Läs mer om BNI:s historia här. Östersjöfondens pristagare 2014 Professor Hans von Storch från Hamburg, Tyskland belönas för sitt arbete med att belysa klimatförändringens inverkan på Östersjön. Lasse Wiklöfs Östersjöpris tilldelas f.d. statsminister och talman, Paavo Lipponen , Finland. Ålandspriset tilldelas företagaren Soile Wartiainen från Mariehamn för hennes långvariga professionella och ideella arbete med att introducera, marknadsföra och lyfta fram den ekologiska odlingen på Åland. Läs mer om pristagarna och motiveringarna här. 25 ÅR FÖR ÖSTERSJÖNS BÄSTA! Östersjöfondens 25-års jubileum firas på Åland 9 maj med eventet " 25 år för Östersjöns bästa – genom ögonen på Östersjöfondens pristagare ". Festligheterna inleds med ett seminarium där tidigare pristagare medverkar. På seminariet talas svenska och engelska. Program: Näringslivet på kommandobryggan . Professor  Erkki Leppäkoski  från Finland (pristagare år 2006) och fd miljöchef  Stefan Lemieszewski  från Sverige (pristagare 2000) diskuterar framtidens fartyg, bränslen, säkerheten då sjöfarten ökar samt om fördelar och förutsättningar för sjöfarten. Aktiva medborgare . Oleg Bodrov  från Green World, Ryssland (pristagare 2000) och representanter från andra miljöorganisationer samtalar om olikheterna kring Östersjön och den aktiva medborgarens roll i förändringen. Klimatförändringen och forskning.  Professor  Hans von Storc h  från Tyskland (huvudpristagare 2014), riksdagsledamot  Christina Gestrin   från Finland (Lasse Wiklöf-pristagare 2011) och stationsföreståndare  Johanna Mattila  från Husö biologiska station (pristagare 2001) resonerar om klimatförändringens påverkan på Östersjön och forskningens roll i att visa hur Östersjön påverkas. Framtidens Östersjön.  Professor  Fredrik Wulff  från Sverige (pristagare 1998), fd statsminister och talman  Paavo Lipponen  från Finland (Lasse Wiklöf-pristagare 2014) och tidigare talare visar på framtidens Östersjön och vad vi kan förvänta oss av de kommande 25 åren. Dessutom kommer Ålandspristagaren 2014  Soile Wartiainen  att berätta om sitt arbete och vi åker runt Östersjön för att träffa våra andra pristagare. Läs mer om Östersjöfondens bakgrund och historia här .
2014-04-07 - 2014-04-08
COST, an intergovernmental framework for European Cooperation in Science and Technology , allowing the coordination of nationally-funded research on a European level. COST organized a conference titled " The Predictive Power of Marine Science in a Changing Climate" in Sopot, Poland 7-8 April. BNI Participation Maciej Tomczak , BNI Sweden, was one of the invited experts asked to give a presentaion on " Human impact on Central Baltic Sea ecosystem - Food-web modelling ".   He was one of the invited European researchers specialized in the studies of marine environment, both in the biotic and abiotic aspects, in their relation to the changing climate. Multidisciplinary approaches to climate change impacts on marine environments of Europe The participating researchers addressed a vast array of different European marine environments, from oceanic waters to very brackish basins such as the Baltic. They also discussed how climate changes affect all aspects of environment, from physical and chemical through biological processes and thus marine fauna and flora. Participants discussed a multidisciplinary approach to the problem of climate change impact on marine environment in Europe, in order to facilitate transdisciplinary cooperation to help understand the ongoing changes in the marine environment, as well as predict their future course. Further reading regarding BNI's food web modelling Below you can find a selection of publications by Maciej Tomczak related to the conference and his talk: Ecosystem flow dynamics in the Baltic Prope r - using a multi-trophic dataset as a basis for food–web modelling Combined effects of global climate change and regional ecosystem drivers on an exploited marine food web Read more about the BNI BaltProWeb - Balt ic Pro per Food- web model here More information about projects in which the research has been carried out: ECOSUPPORT - Advanced modeling tool for scenarios of the Baltic Sea ECOsystem to SUPPORT decision making Regime shifts in the Baltic Sea ecosystem - modelling complex adaptive ecosystems and governance implications
2014-03-31 - 2014-04-03
The ICES ACOM Workshop to develop recommendations for potentially useful Food Web Indicators (WKFooWI), was held at the ICES Headquarters in Copenhagen 31 March - 3 April, and BNI researcher Maciej Tomczak participated. The aim was to: Review pragmatically estimable Food Web Indicators (FooWI) Evaluate said FooWI against standard criteria for Indicator Use Develop a proposal for food web indicators for marine ecosystem based management incl. relevant to the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD)  Suggest and plan the way forward (i.e. preparation of a roadmap how to get there)  Accounting for multiple pressures Modern approaches to sustainable use of marine resources must account for the impact of many pressures on the marine ecosystem generated by utilizing goods and services. Of particular importance is the network of feeding interactions between co-existing species and populations, the food web. The workshop WKFooWI brought together experts in food webs, marine ecology, and management, to identify available indicators that can be used to inform marine management of food-web responses.  Using food web indicators in management There is a well established need to use food web indicators (structure and function) in the management of marine ecosystems, and the management of the components in those marine ecosystems.  Food web indicators better and more directly represent key features of marine ecosystems and living marine resources that are often missed with less integrative measures. As such they can provide useful information on the status of the marine environment. Such food-web indicators are currently required by the European Commission ’s Marine Strategy Framework Directive , an overarching plan to reach and maintain Good Environmental Status for all European marine waters. The workshop will drew on the best available knowledge to inform and advise the Commission and EU member states on options available to implement this plan.​
2014-03-12 - 2014-03-14
The seventh meeting of the Expert Group on follow-up of national progress towards reaching BSAP nutrient reduction targets, HELCOM LOAD , is held in Riga 12-14 March. HELCOM LOAD is an expert body consisting of experts on pollution load compilation (PLC) of nutrients (water and air),  European Monitoring and Evaluation Programme (EMEP ) and the  HELCOM LAND  group. Further, the  Baltic Nest Institute (BNI) , other modellers and statisticians could be called to participate in relevant tasks.
2014-03-10 - 2014-03-12
The Kick-off meeting for the BONUS -project COCOA (Nutrient COcktails in COAstal zones of the Baltic Sea ) is held at the Hotel Søfryd in Jyllinge, Denmark, 10-12 March. The meeting will include an overview of collaborations, tour of the Work Packages, scientific presentations, group work and planning for the project and its case studies. BNI Participation A number of researchers from BNI Denmark, Sweden and Finland will participate in the Kick-off meeting: Denmark :  Jacob Carstensen , Karen Timmermann and Bo Riemann Sweden : Bo Gustafsson , Christoph Humborg ,  Miguel Rodriguez-Medina and Alexander Sokolov Finland: Anna-Stiina Heiskanen ,  Alf Norkko and Letitzia Tedesco Here you can find more information about the project , the Work Packages and the List of Partners
2014-03-06 - 2014-03-06
SMHI will host a Working Group meeting with international scientists on scenario simulations for the Baltic Sea environment. BNI Contributions Bo Gustafsson , Erik Gustafsson and Oleg Savchuk from BNI Sweden will participate and also give two presentations: Bo Gustafsson: What is new in the revised BSAP? Which information would be useful for HELCOM? Erik Gustafsson:  BALTSEM-C - recent development of the BALTSEM model. Read more about BNI's work in HELCOM and the BALTSEM-C (part of the Nest Decision Support System ).
2014-03-05 - 2014-03-05
On Friday 22 March 1974 seven coastal nations signed a historical agreement to protect the Baltic marine environment, the Helsinki Convention , and for the first time ever all the sources of pollution around an entire sea were made subject to a single convention. The governing body of the Convention is the Baltic Marine Environment Protection Commission - Helsinki Commission, also known as HELCOM . celebrating the 40TH ANNIVERSARY with prominent guests, including BNI Sweden Director On March 5, back to back with the 35th meeting of the Helsinki Commission, the 40th anniversary of the Helsinki Convention is held in Helsinki, Finland, including e.g. an exibition of HELCOM work since 1974, music performances, keynote speeches and an evening programme Director of BNI Sweden , Bo Gustafsson , has been invited as one of the prominent speakers, giving a presentation on Eutrophication – reflections on the Baltic Sea Action Plan revision process and future challenges The other prominent speakers include e.g. the former Finnish President Tarja Halonen, Finnish Minister of Environment Mr. Ville Niinistö, Mr. Achim Steiner, UNEP Executive Director  and Under Secretary-General of the United Nations and Ms. Jacqueline Alder, Head, Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems Branch, Division of Environmental Policy Implementation of UNEP . Broadcasting the Jubilee session Read more about the 40th Anniversary here The HELCOM 40th Anniversary Jubilee Session on 5 March 2013 at 10-12 am will be broadcast live, available here.  
2014-03-03 - 2014-03-04
The Healthy Oceans – Productive Ecosystems (HOPE) Conference will bring together all those working with or in relation to the European marine environment and will provide them with the opportunity to discuss progress made over the past 5 years, the problems that still remain and the solutions for improved coherence and better marine governance. BNI Contribution During the conference session on Eutrophication/pollutants during the first day of the conference, Bo Gustafsson , BNI Sweden, and Jacob Carstensen , BNI Denmark will give presentations from their respective fields of expertise. Prominent speakers The conference gathers a range of prominent speakers, inlcuding e.g. the President of the European Commission, Jose Manuel Barroso, the European Commissioner for the Environment, Janez Potočnik and Hans Bruyninckx, Executive Director of the European Environment Agency (EEA). Update 10 March: The HOPE conference was recorded and the presentations can be viewed here. Bo Gustafssons powerpoint presentation is available here . Jacob Carstensens powerpoint presentation is available here.
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