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Alf Norkko is a marine ecologist from the Marine research center of the Finnish Environment Institute. He finished his PhD at Åbo Akademi University in 1997, where he also hold an adjunct professorship (docent) since 2001. After his PhD, Norkko, spent 5 years working in New Zealand at the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research and a couple of years at the University of Gothenburg (Kristineberg Marine Research Station) before returning to Finland. Norkko was a visiting professor in marine benthic ecology at the Department of Marine Ecology, University of Gothenburg, Sweden in 2010-11. Currently Norkko is a professor in Baltic Sea research at Tvärminne Zoological Station, University of Helsinki.

My research interests are:

  • Benthic ecology
  • Disturbance and resilience of marine benthic communities
  • Biodiversity ecosystem function relationships
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