Anna Stiina
Director Finnish BNI
Finnish Environment Institute
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Professor Anna-Stiina Heiskanen has research background and scientific qualifications in hydrobiology and marine biology (Ph.D. 1998 Helsinki University, Finland). She has worked in research on Baltic Sea pelagic ecology, nutrient cycling eutrophication and phytoplankton ecology for over 25 years, and since 1998 been an Adjunct Professor of Marine Biology at the Helsinki University. Before that she has worked as scientist and senior scientist at the Finnish Environment Institute (1995-2000), Finnish Academy of Science (1991-1995), the University of Helsinki (1987-1990), and the Finnish Marine Research Institute (1982-1986) focusing on ecosystem research of the Baltic Sea.  Currently, Prof. Heiskanen is acting as a unit head at the Marine Research Centre of the Finnish Environment Institute, leading a unit on Models and Innovations.

Previously (2000-2008) she worked as a scientific officer and an action leader at the Joint Research Centre of the European Commission, Institute for Environment and Sustainability, in Ispra, Italy, leading a team (EEWAI) carrying out research for development of ecological and biological water quality indicators for inland and coastal waters, and providing scientific and technical support for the EU level implementation of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). Dr Heiskanen was also acting as a chair and co-leader of the EU-level WFD Common Implementation Strategy Working Group on Ecological Status (ECOSTAT; 2003-2008), and she was responsible for the coordination of the first phase (2001-2007) WFD intercalibration of the ecological water quality in Europe.

Since then she has been focused on science-policy interface and acted as the Chair of the HELCOM Monitoring and Assessement group (MONAS), as well as the chair of the Joint Advisory Board that is providing a coordination platform for the regional implementation of the marine strategy directive in the Baltic Sea ecoregion.

Additionally, she has coordinated and participated in a number of national and international research projects, presented several keynotes in international scientific and managerial conferences (regional managers — EU Water Directors), and authored and co-authored totally ca. 90 scientific and other publications.

Research interests:

  • Holistic assessment of the Baltic Sea     
  • Research-Policy interactions
  • Marine Ecosystem Services    
  • Setting environmental objectives in the context of the EU water policies (WFD and marine Strategy)
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