News with Bo Gustafsson
The future of the Baltic Sea on your computer screen
In an interview with the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, Bo Gustafsson of BNI Sweden explains how the research conducted at the Baltic Nest Institute can help decision makers with scenarios for the future of the Baltic Sea.

New study suggest that current nutrient load reductions are insufficient under future climate change impacts
A new study shows that the impact of climate change on the Baltic biogeochemistry might be significant, adding stress to the Baltic ecosystem alongside eutrophication. Nutrient load reductions under current legislation will not be sufficient to improve the water quality at the end of the 21st century.

Bo Gustafsson interviewed by Swedish television
BNI researcher Bo Gustafsson is interviewed by Swedish newsprogram ABC about Marenzellaria, an American intruder that might help counteract the effects of Baltic Sea eutrophication.

Press release: Alien species in the Baltic Sea counteracts the effects of eutrophication
Alien species may have very strong negative impact on their new environment. But a new study published in the latest issue of Global Change Biology shows that an alien species can also have beneficial effects by counteracting the lack of oxygen and sediment, which often causes eutrophication.

A welcome can of worms? Hypoxia mitigation by an invasive species
Invasive species and oxygen-depleted bottom waters are both considered significant threats to Baltic Sea ecosystems. Nevertheless, a recent study suggests that a non-native worm may actually help in the remediation of previously hypoxic regions.

New version of the Nest-model
A new version of the Nest-model is available, providing access to the distributed marine databases, interface to the BALTSEM marine model and access to the catchment data.

Bo Gustafsson speaks during the Third EU Info-Day: «Ecology of the Baltic Sea: What Can Be Done through the International Cooperation?»
The EU Info Day is dedicated to the 8th Baltic Sea Science Congress 2011, which is held on August 22-26th in St. Petersburg. EU day is held on August 24th, 15.00 at the Press-Club "Green Lamp" (Bankovsky pereulok 3).

BNI research at the ICES Annual Science Conference
ICES Annual Science Conference (ASC) 2011 will be held in Gdańsk, Poland. The venue will be the Gdańsk Music and Congress Centre. The conference will open on Monday 19 September and close on Friday 23 September.Read more here

Vicious cycle of Baltic Sea hypoxia
New study expands the understanding of phosphorus cycling in sediments, suggesting that forced oxygenation of deep waters is not a feasible solution to hypoxia.

Bo Gustafsson invited to the European Parliament
Bo Gustafsson is invited to present for the Committee on the Environment, Public Health and Food Safety of the European Parliament at an hearing on the Baltic Sea.

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