Director, BNI Sweden, Marine models
Baltic Sea Centre
Stockholm University
Phone +46 73 707 86 03
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Bo Gustafsson is Director of the Baltic Nest Institute Sweden. He holds a PhD in physical oceanography from Gothenburg University and has over 20 years experience of scientific research on the Baltic Sea.

He has primarily worked with development of numerical models of ocean circulation and biogeochemical cycles, but specialize more and more in the interaction between physical and biogeochemical processes on large scales. The main focus is development and implementation of marine models in the Nest system.

During the last couple of years, Dr. Gustafsson has devoted much of his time to supporting HELCOM with scientific advice, as an active member of numerous HELCOM working groups and projects. As one of the key researchers behind the work with the Baltic Sea Action Plan, he has lead the work of developing new tools for estimating the MAI (Maxiumum Allowable Inputs). Based on MAI and agreed allocation principles for dividing the reduction burden between HELCOM Contracting Parties, CART (Country Allocated Reduction Targets) was calculated.

Dr. Gustafsson conducts state-of-the-art research in numerous national and international research projects, and is regularly invited as a keynote speaker at various meetings and conferences, both within the research and decision-making communities.

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