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BNI is a forum for strategic international cooperation between the Stockholm University, University of Aarhus and the Finnish Environment Institute.

There are three divisions of BNI, one located at each participating institution. A head leads the daily work at each of the divisions BNI-SE, BNI-DK and BNI-FI, respectively.

Executive Board

An Executive Board governs the BNI cooperation with representation from the partner institutions and from Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management.

The mandate of the Executive Board is to approve overall budgets, strategies and activity plans. The Board meets twice a year. The chair of the board is altered with a one year interval.

The members of the Executive Board are:
Prof. Bo Riemann, University of Aarhus
Prof. Niels Peter Revsbech, University of Aarhus
Prof. Lea Kauppi, Finnish Environmental Institute
Dr. Mari Walls, Finnish Environmental Institute
Dr. Anna Jöborn, Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management
Prof. Christoph Humborg, Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre

Management Group

A Management Group comprising of the division heads and a few selected key staff. The Management Group prepares the strategies, budgets and activity plans for the Executive Board. The Management Group meets when needed.

The members of the Management Group are:
Jacob Carstensen (Head of BNI-DK)
Bo Gustafsson (Head of BNI-SE)
Anna-Stiina Heiskanen (Head of BNI-FI)
Berit Hasler
Petri Ekholm


Once a year all relevant staff involved in the Baltic Nest Institute meet for the BNI All partner meeting. The location for these meetings change between the three partner countries.

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