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International research alliance

Baltic Nest Institute (BNI) is an international research alliance between the Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre, the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management, the University of Aarhus and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE). BNI was established in 2007 to continue the research conducted in the international research programme MARE (1999-2006).

Baltic Nest Institute is physically located in Sweden, Denmark and Finland; at the Stockholm University, the Aarhus University at Roskilde and the Finnish Environment Institute (SYKE).

The Baltic Nest Institute uses information from a range of institutions around the Baltic Sea, making the integrated, large scale modeling of the Nest model possible.

Why is Baltic Nest unique?

The geographical extent of BNI is unprecedented anywhere else in the world. BNI covers the entire Baltic Sea, from the Kattegat to the Bothnian Bay. The Baltic Sea region includes 85 million people, a drainage area of 1.6 million km², and the surface of the Baltic Sea is 415.000 km².

BNI combines strong competences, linking basic and applied research, within all relevant disciplines for marine ecosystem management through the well-recognized research teams in Sweden, Denmark and Finland. The majority of the work to be carried out in BNI will be further development of Baltic Nest, applications and dissemination of the models, scenarios and prognoses for ecological and economic questions.

It is globally unique to link ecology, economy and management in a complete set of models covering a geographic area of this size. The tight coupling between research and management will guarantee an efficient consultancy of politicians and authorities.

Close collaboration with end-users

The BNI products are developed in collaboration with the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM) and other end-users, and national and regional authorities are invited to participate in the work to be carried out.

The Baltic Nest Decision Support System has been developed using information kindly provided by a range of institutions in the drainage area. Links to these partners/organizations are presented at:

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